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Data Recovery and Backup Services





What would you do if you lost your emails, photographs or your letters? We advise, recommend and install backup solutions for your important data.

If you have deleted important files, or accidentally formatted your hard drive, memory stick etc. We may be able to recover that data for you.







Data backups, transfer and migration services

We can also perform a full backup and transfer to a new computer or an upgrade to a newer version of Windows. Including transfer of all your settings, emails, address book and desktop, reinstated fully on your new computer.

All of our repair work involves a complete back up and data is retained at our workshop for 30 days for your peace of mind.


Recovery of your files and data from hard drives, memory cards and sticks

Depending on the condition of the data and the amount of use the drive has had, your data may be perfectly recoverable. Bring it to us and we will endeavour to recover as much data as possible using our "deep-scan" methods.

If you are in such a situation it is important that you use your drive as little as possible until the data is recovered, to avoid it being overwritten. Unfortunately it is impossible to guarantee that all or any data can be recovered. However if no data can be recovered, only a nominal fee will be charged.


Please note: we are unable to repair physically broken hard drives that require them to be opened and recovered in a "clean room". It is recommended to contact a business that has such specialist equipment such as Ontrack.

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