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Internet and Networking







Are you getting the best out of your internet, WiFi and network?

We can install cabling, setup your router correctly or improve WiFi in your office or home.

We can diagnose and correct faults in connectivity, scan your Wifi coverage and help to boost poor signal and network speeds.




Do you need a WiFi upgrade, repeaters, network cable or powerline adapters?

Do you want to stream video around your home or just share files and printers? Do you need networking in an outbuilding, loft or in a far off part of your office or home?

We can advise on and install the best home networking solution for you.


WiFi analysis

We can determine if you are getting the best out of your WiFi

We can test if it is plugged in correctly, if it is in the best location and if it is on the right channel. We can tweak your settings or suggest a new location for your router. We can also advise on repeaters or a router upgrade.

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