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Improve and speed up your PC with new and upgraded components.

CPU, graphics card, SSD, power supply, and RAM can usually be installed on a desktop PC to improve your computer's performance.







Hardware upgrades

Fit a faster processor, a larger memory, a bigger hard disk, DVD or BluRay drive, improved graphics, better sound or upgraded power supply.

Fit a fast WiFi network card, the newer N-type cards can offer a speed improvement of 100% or 4 times the range of the older B/G cards. Upgrade to the new AC WiFi and get even more speed.

We stock and fit digital TV cards to turn your PC into a freeview media centre. Or how about an in-built card reader to conveniently access you camera or phone memory cards.

We repair, replace, update and upgrade all types of computer hardware. Memory, Hard Disks, CPUs, Graphics Cards, Power Supplies... in fact any type of hardware.

Call our friendly staff to get our expert advice on improving your PC.


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